Pics Please! Photobooth Backdrop Inspro

29th April 2017

No party is complete without a photobooth! Our letter balloons make the perfect backdrop or prop for your snaps. Read on for photobooth inspiration!

This unicorn themed backdrop over at Pillow Thought is as magical for grown up kids as it is for little ones. Add our tassel garlands and paper lanterns to make it your own.

This backdrop from Specs and the City sure looks fun fun fun!

Tassels and letter balloons sum up who we are! Perfect backdrop over on @cloverandbloom (and maybe our new office wall decor?)

Last but certainly not least, make a truly no effort photobooth with a colourful wall, our letter balloons, and your BFFs ready to make a statement. Warning: the later it gets, the more NSFW your photos will be. But thats just how we like it! Image from Bando

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